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Helping to Formalize Family Connections

Retain a local adoption attorney in Garden City or Roslyn, NY

Growing your family can be a beautiful thing, but you'll want help from an attorney to make sure everything goes smoothly. Greenberg & Greenberg is an adoption law office in Roslyn, NY and serving Garden City and surrounding areas. As an adoptee himself, our lead attorney understands both sides of the coin and is glad to help families grow and live together.

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How can we assist you?

Growing your family isn't always easy, but our attorneys are here to help you accomplish this goal. You can turn to our adoption law office for:

Whether you're exploring options for domestic or international adoption, our local adoption attorney can assist you. Our attorney will walk you through the variables and help you learn more about the adoption process. Additionally, we have an estate planning attorney available to assist with family planning. Contact an attorney today to discuss your situation.

Learn more about our attorneys, and our legal practice

Are you searching for a local adoption attorney? Greenberg & Greenberg has a history in this field. Our founder adopted his son many years ago and experienced the adoption process firsthand. That son, James M. Greenberg, joined the firm as an attorney in 1999. Now, James is our lead attorney. With a lifetime of experience on both sides of the adoption process, he helps families navigate this often complicated process.

Start on your adoption journey. Speak with an experienced attorney today.