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The challenges faced by same-sex couples during the adoption process can be uniquely difficult, but it's important to push for both parents to adopt the child so both you and your child will be protected. Greenberg & Greenberg helps LGBTQ families in Garden City and Roslyn, NY grow. Our same-sex adoption attorneys guide parents through the cross-adoption process as the non-biological parent legally adopts their child.

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Considering an assisted conception?

In a 2017 landmark decision, a New York appellate court declared that marital presumption also applies to same-sex marriages. This decision was followed up by the New York Child-Parent Security Act (CPSA). The CPSA also provides assistance for those conceiving children through assisted reproduction, with a clear legal course to secure both parents' ties to their children.

Securing legal rights for assisted conception is done through an Order of Parentage. This legal order is available to couples where both the biological parent and their partner planned the conception with the intention to be parents, regardless of marital status or gender. Our second parent adoption attorney can guide your family through this process.

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