Representation for Birth Parents and Unplanned Pregnancy Cases

New York Adoption Attorneys Working with You Through the Adoption Processes

Our firm's New York adoption attorneys represent birth parents that have made the selfless decision to place their child for adoption. Fully aware of the emotional issues inherent to this process, our compassionate legal team goes above and beyond in our efforts to support you as we navigate the necessary legal procedures together.

Aside from providing our sincere and genuine support, our attorneys also work diligently to facilitate the adoption process and to protect your rights as a birth parent. By providing you with the information and assistance your need, we can ensure that all state laws are complied with in order to successfully effectuate the adoption. Contact our office today to speak with a birth parent lawyer. We serve Garden City, Roslyn, NY and surrounding areas.

Supporting You Every Step of The Way

Our legal team is a family, and one that has been united by adoption. As adoptive parents and an adult adoptee, we can personally identify with your situation and fully support you through these times. As we are always available for our clients, you can take comfort knowing that our caring and compassionate New York adoption attorneys will always be by your side every step of the way.

Having worked with thousands of birth parents, we know that these are deeply personal, poignant, and difficult matters, and we work tirelessly to alleviate your concerns and help ensure that the best interests of you and your child are met.

At Greenberg & Greenberg, we truly care about the parents we represent. Our family's personal experiences with adoption and our four decades of experience as attorneys allow us to share invaluable insight with you that other firms can't offer. No matter what your circumstances are, we are equipped to help you complete the adoption process and move forward with your life.

Contact our firm to speak with an experienced and caring New York adoption lawyer today!