Adult Adoptee Panel Guest Speaker: James Greenberg, Esq.

Adult Adoptee Panel Guest Speaker

Last week, our very own James Greenberg, Esq. was a guest speaker on the Adult Adoptee Panel held by the Adoptive Parents Committee, Inc. (APC). An adult adoptee himself, James brought unique insight to the group, sharing his perspective as not only an adoptee but also as a professional adoption attorney.

The workshop included a Q&A session, along with meaningful insights for both prospective and current adoptive parents. James, who was adopted at two weeks old, touched upon his personal experiences as an adult adoptee and how this has shaped his professional career as an adoption lawyer in New York.

This is not the first time James has spoken at an APC meeting. In fact, he’s joined the organization on several occasions to discuss various topics, including “Inside the Adoption Triad Panels,” and “How to Adopt Seminars.”

About the Adoptive Parents Committee, Long Island Chapter

The Long Island Chapter of the Adoptive Parents Committee offers support to pre- and post- adoptive families in the New York area, providing personal guidance and insights that can’t be found online. The organization holds monthly meetings and regular workshops to educate parents.

We’re honored to be apart of their ongoing efforts to support adoptive parents in the area, and we invite you to check out the upcoming workshops they have planned for the rest of 2019.

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