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We at Greenberg & Greenberg are thrilled to share the beautiful adoption story of our dear former clients, an incredible couple that was able to successfully adopt the child of their dreams thanks to the advocacy, guidance, and counsel of our compassionate and devoted adoption attorneys. Attorney James Greenberg worked closely with the couple, doing everything possible to keep the adoption process moving forward as comfortably and seamlessly as possible. Thanks to the incredible commitment of devoting all attention and resources to fulfilling the needs of his clients, the couple was able to achieve the special outcome of having their family brought together at last.

Their Story

Since 2014, the couple had planned on adoption but was rightfully wary of the countless organizations that take advantage of adoptive parents. They were concerned about the many unknowns of this unpredictable and complicated process, of which they felt Attorney Greenberg helped them expertly navigate. He addressed their anticipated fears by keeping them superbly well-informed each step of the way. They instantly felt at ease in his presence and with his continued treatment of their case, during which Attorney Greenberg was readily available for prompt communication regarding even the most minuscule issues to the greatest concerns.

As with any adoption process, the couple experienced various stresses but maintained their positivity. They were recommended to our firm by the social worker who had completed their home study for an initial international adoption. Upon deciding to adopt domestically in April 2015, Attorney Greenberg was able to seamlessly guide them through the necessary steps without an agency’s help and connected the couple to their child’s birth mother by October of that year, just a few months later.

Meeting their child’s birth mother was one of the most special and unforgettable experiences of these parents’ lives. They were able to establish an incredible bond with the woman who gave them the miracle of parenthood. Soon after, the couple was blessed with the birth of their angelic baby born. They were able to hold him in their arms within just an hour of his birth and privately spent 2 blissful days with their newborn. They attributed the incredible gift of such a smooth transition to the efforts our firm made on their behalf. Attorney Greenberg met the couple’s son the night of his birth so that the new parents could share this incredible bond with their child.

When asked about their experience, the couple made a point to highlight our firm’s unparalleled understanding of the delicate nature of adoption, comparing past adoption agencies for their lack of humanity and personal care. After the parents were given guardianship of their child, Attorney Greenberg worked tirelessly to complete the finalization process and legally guide the new family to a wonderful new chapter of their lives.

The couple feels incredibly lucky to have successfully adopted their child thanks to our firm and heartwarming stories like these are exactly what motivates our team to never give up in bringing families together.

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